sobota, 15. april 2017


Hello everyone! 
I know I have been really really bad at posting, writing something on my blog ever since I moved to UK. Just moving to another country and everything, really got to me and I started to think, what is it that I really want and what actually needs my attention the most. Of course I was really happy with blogging, but finishing my thesis and focusing on my new job had to be the first thing. I couldn't really put 100% on my blog and if I can't do something 100% then I might as well not do it. 
I also didn't find the right photographer here in Wales and that to me is one of the most important things to keep your blog on a level. And of course working all days and having no time was also the main thing that kept me from posting. 
But now I have settled in a little bit and I still get so many emails about nice collaborations, that I don't want to turn down and that's way I wanna give my blog a new chance. Also I think I will be moving soon and be closer to London, which means a lot more free time and a lot more people to work with. :-) Stay tuned I will try to post more news when the time is right.
I still can't believe how crazy 2017 has been tho. Sooo many things have happened and I still think this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The job here is super fun, but it has been really a struggle finding time for myself, since I have been working a lot of hours and a lot of long days. I didn't even put on make-up for weeks and my hair was a mess and I was very far away from my blogger persona. I also met someone, a guy, and I actually thought, OK this is it for me, I found my love, the one who I will marry... But sometime things don't turn the way you think at the begging.
Finding love is becoming a struggle for me actually, I just think it's still not the time for me to be happy. And being brokenhearted sucks, especially when you're far way from your friends and family, but I really pushed it and I didn't have another choice but to be strong as hell. Just being strong and positive keeps me going... 
God, I sound like I'm writing my diary. :-D
But my blog it's like my dairy... And that's why I miss it... 
Anyways.... I will be posting more, I think Enya still has some of my looks which we shoot before I left and I have to remind here to send it to me. :-) I will be also coming to Slovenia at the beginning of May and then I will have the week off to go to Tenerife with my amazing girlfriends. <3 A lot of things to look forward too.
Hope everyone is OK and don't forget to be strong, positive and of course happy Easter people! 
Much love and a lot of hugs from UK.

ponedeljek, 20. februar 2017


H&M T-shirt // H&M pink fur jacket // Mango leather pants // Zara bag // Allstar Converse sneakers // H&M sunglasses // TopShop rings

Here it is another outfit post from Slovenia. And yes, I have just started looking for a photographer here in Wales, and I already talked with someone, so lets see if we can make it work. :-) I did take some time off from blogging, just because moving to another country was a little stressful and I needed some time to figure everything out... But now I'm finally living here, like really living and I realized I do miss blogging so much. And all these streets here and beautiful places. The photos could be really nice and different. <3
But back to these ones from Ljubljana. Really feeling this soft pink color, everything just looks better in pink, right. :-D I was thinking of having one wall in my new room painted in soft pink, because now it kind of just looks really plain. I actually did take some photos of my new house, as promised, and I'm gonna show them to you tomorrow. I have gotten used to living in this huge villa, it was really weird in the beginning, because I always lived in small flats... So living in a three bedroom house was a challenge. :-D But now I finally made it more home-y and cozy and I absolutely love it.
Anyways... enjoy the pics and have a happy Monday everyone! :-)
Photos @enyabrelihphotography.

petek, 10. februar 2017


 My fave city ever. Tenby, Pembrokeshire.
I have been receiving so many emails about my life in the UK. Ever since I moved, even the people I don't know are sending me emails and questions about it. Why did I decide to do it, did I really went alone, what is different now and do I miss home? 
Well I decided to answer a few of them and to tell you more about my new chapter... -)
Sooo... I decided to do it, because Slovenia just didn't do me any good. Like I said I love my little country, but it was really hard to find a proper job with proper pay, which is a must if you want to create something from your life and stop living off of your parents.
I was worried that my life stood in one place for three years and it just didn't move.
Sometimes you just need to make a big change. And now I can really say I made a right decision moving here. It actually feels like I'm breathing again in a way... I don't know how to explain, but it feels like I made a big step forward and I'm really proud of myself.
And yes I really went alone :-D but I have made so many friends already, everyone here is super nice, I love British people. My job has been crazy, I work a lot, but also has been super fun. I get along well with my coworkers, I love my patients and I have been really good driving on the opposite side. :-D That was my biggest worry actually. 
And yes I do miss home. I'm not really so homesick yet, but I would love to give a big hug to my mom, dad, sister and my little niece. And to have a few drinks with all my amazing girlfriends. <3
Anyways... It has been really a crazy journey but I feel really fine. Not ready to go back home just yet, even tho my mom is hoping for me to. :-D  
We are cooking today at my house. The house is so so nice, I will take a few pics when it's completely done to show you. :-)
But for now some snaps from my phone bellow.
Big big hugs from UK and thanks everyone for your lovely emails, messages and replays.

 The yummiest breakfast ever in Tenby. I love their pancakes and I eat here a lot, especially when I'm too lazy too cook. (which is always) :-D

 Having fun exploring in Saundersfoot. It is a cute little town, where I was leaving for the first two weeks. And living on a beach, what better, right? :-)
 My new car is Kia, Picanto. It's so so cuteeeeee. And obsessed with Costa, this new coffee I just tried. SO. SO. GOOD.
 Just a little posing in front of the telephone booth. :-)
 I'm obsessed with Tenby. It has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I'm actually looking for an apartment here, we'll see if I find something cheap. :-)
 Swansea is one the biggest cities here in Wales. I have been there a lot, and I love it. It has amazing beaches, a nice town, food, nightclubs and a lot of shopping of course. :-D
Love this pic sunset pic. <3

 Made breakfast today for me and my friend. They eat a lot of fruit and oatmeal here, so we tried it today and it was yummie. In my lovely kitchen. <3


 Perfect shoes for the beach., right. :-D
 On my way to work early in the morning in Cardiff. Starbucks. <3

When feeling stressed, I love to come here. Just sit and breathe and relax... <3
 On my lunch breaks I love to go and explore. This was in Tenby again.

 Coffee time. <3

 Happy. don't forget to add me on Snapchat and Instagram; simpleclassyfab.

 All pink everything. <3


ponedeljek, 06. februar 2017


 H&M fur // H&M leather jacket // Mango pants // TopShop choker // Marx Clothes tee designed by Ela Dvornik // Pull&Bear sneakers // Calzedonia fishnets // ASOS sunnies 

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey babes!!!! One big HELLO to everyone and no I haven't forgotten about my blog. I have just been super busy with my new job, new house basically with my new life. Everything kind of changed since I moved to UK and I have to say I'm feeling really good here. And can't believe it's been a month already. A MONTH!!!
Crazy how time flies, right.
So you know I still have some photos to show you. These ones were also filmed at the Vander Hotel in Ljubljana. I made a post about it already, you can check it out here. We only made two looks, but I would love to film there again in the summer. :-)
I love this looks so much. sent me this cute tee, which was designed by a blogger named Ela Dvornik. She and two other bloggers teamed up with Marx Clothes to create t-shirts with a message and this "I am Crazy" is definitely the best way to describe me. :-D 
I will tell you more about my new life in the UK in my next posts, but for now enjoy these photos, I just got home from work and I'm about to enjoy my afternoon, watch my favorite TV series and eat some junk food, since I haven't been able to do that in so long.
Hope all of you are well. Big kisses from UK.

četrtek, 19. januar 2017


 When you actually live right next to the beach!!! <3 
Currently in my new home in Saundersfoot, South Wales. <3

After traveling from London to Wales, I had a friend who picked me up at the bus stop and took me to my new place. I was sooo surprised, since I didn't expect it to be so nice. You can see pictures bellow, it is like a little cottage, one bedroom place. The kitchen and living room are upstairs, and downstairs bedroom and bathroom. Everything was clean and brand new I almost didn't wanna touch nothing for a few days, LOL. I'm gonna be staying a little more in this place, but then when I move again I need to find something similar to this. :-D 
I have been pretty OK living here for a week now. I'm having fun at my new job, my coworkers are so lovely and nice, I also met a friend who came from Slovenia and we hit it off immediately. He is so so funny. We are gonna visit Swansea and Cardiff on Saturday and hopefully the weather will be a little better so we can take some pics. :-) 
I also have been having some driving lessons, since I will be driving a lot at my new job. The problem is, that the British people drive at the opposite side of the rode, then us back in Slovenia. Even if it looks pretty simple, I will tell you that it is not. :-D 
But the more I drive, the more I will feel comfortable driving.
Anyways... More pics bellow. Hugssss to all my lovely readers.

 Every house is painted in these pastel blue or pink colors. Just so so pretty. The local people told me that it is a little empty now, but in the summer it can be crowdy and busy. 
Cant wait until I can take a little swim in the ocean. :-D

 When you don't cook, but have like the best kitchen. Will try to be more into cooking, I promised my mom I wont be eating sandwiches all week...

My cozy living room. 

 One of the most comfortable beds ever. I wanna take it with me, when I move. :-D

 See, I can try. :-P First dinner in my new home.

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