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Hey babes!

Hope you all had fun during the holidays and hope you celebrated Christmas with all of your loved ones. 
I was a little sick these past days so I stayed at home a lot, chillin, watching Christmas movies and of course eating lots and lots of food. :-) 

Last year I did a cute post about 2014; Through the eyes of Instagram, and I tough It would be fun to do a similar post with 2015, since I'm such a big Insta fan! :-) 
Check it bellow to see all of my fave snaps from this year and don't forget to follow me @simpleclassyfab!

Bought my very first hunter boots! Love them, they are so comfy. I made a post with them and it is one of my most viewed posts ever. It has a little over 1.000 views and it may seem little to someone, but it is a lot to me. Thank you, love that you love my blog just as much as I do. <3

Posted this #tbt look from Finland. A lot of you don't know, but I lived in Finland in 2013. It is one of the most special and incredible experiences in my life. Meet so many lovely people and visited so many places. This pic is taken in Kuopio, a little city where I lived. :-)

My pink fur is becoming my signature look. I love it and I wear it everywhere. These pics was taken near my hometown and it was just the beginning of spring... The fur is from H&M of course, jeans and top from Zara and sunnies from Stradivarius.

Night out with my girls. There was this reality show going on in one of the bars in Ljubljana. I went with my co-workers, when we worked with H&M. We became close after that and we hang out a lot more since then. Alcohol and a lot of laughs. My jeans are from Lindex, Zara shirt, Zara cardigan and H&M heels.

Spring is here. Hanging with my friend. I was wearing Zara pants and Zara slip-ones, H&M sweater and Bershka sunnies.

Everyone knows I love chillin' in Ljubljana. It's really one of the best places and it's only 20 minutes aways from Kranj, where I live. I was hanging with my friend, who lives there. Eating the best ice-cream from Cacao. Wearing H&M jeans and jacket, Zara shirt, Adidas superstar sneakers.

Sunny day! Wearing H&M jeans, Zara top, Nike Air Max sneakers. Born in the 80s!

My girls! In Ljubljana of course! Thank you babes for best memories in 2015! Hope we will have a lot more in 2016! <3 The left pic was re-posted to Zara account and it has over 1.500 likes! So dope!

Party time. Love this look. Wearing pants from Zara, silver heels from.... I don't know LOL. Bought them in Novi Sad. The lip bag is from Mosschino.

Love these pics. I went to this event, hosted by drugstore called DM. It's organized every year in Ljubljana and it promotes healthy lifestyle and being active. You can choose to run 5 or 10 kilometers and we ran 5km. I went with my best friend, who little after that learned that she is pregnant. Can't wait for you to became a mommie! Wearing Adidas thighs, DM top, Nike sneakers. Best time! <3

I really don't like to talk about my personal life so much on my blog and Instgram. Some things, like where I work and who I'm dating, are private for me. But I couldn't help but to post this pic of the most cutest hands. I'm a nurse actually and I'm just finishing my diploma. I was working in hospital, where babies are born. It was really one of the best experiences ever and even if I'm not working there anymore, I sure want to come back one day... I really see myself working with kids and it's one of my new years resolutions. These are the hands of my friends baby. <3

Again in Ljubljana. Wearing Top Shop skirt, H&M crop top and Converse sneakers. Flirty and cute look.

My family, my loves. Sis, mom and dad. <3 This was in the summer and we went to a family picnic. Wearing H&M green sweater and New Yorker shorts. And I just have to tell everyone that I'm gonna be an aunty next year, since my sister is expecting her first child! Couldn't be more excited! Love you sis! <3

Our cousin visiting from Croatia. It was so cute when we all had red nail polish. LOL. Love them! <3

Mirror selfies are my fave. Wearing Pimkie skirt, Zara top, Converse sneakers.

Street style is my middle name. Love this laid-back look. Wearing H&M jeans, Zara top, Nike Air Max sneakers, Stradivarius sunnies.

Since I didn't get to spend a lot of time in the sea side, I went to chill by the pool with my friends. Love the pic with my girl in the left. And my cute neon nail polish in the right. LOL. Summer is my fave!

Kranjska Noč! :-D Wearing Pimkie skirt again, H&M crop top, Nike Air Max and Mosschino bag. I'm always down for some posing. :-P

Definitely my fave look. Love this pic. More photos on my post #youcansaywhatyouwantimtheshit! 

Selfies and details. Pimkie dress and H&M orange slippers. Love my matching nails. My girl Tanja on the left! <3

Love this pic! It was my sister's Bday! More photos and details of what I'm wearing in my post #ootd!

Like I said... Mirror selfies! :-D Wearing ripped jeans and jacket from H&M, Zara slip ones, Top Shop crop top. Sexy.

Again with my bestie! Love this long dress from Zara. Vest is from Pull&Bear!

One of my most liked photos. In Ljubljana with my girls. Wearing all white! Jeans and top from Zara, H&M jacket and Nike Air Max sneakers. 

#sneakpeak of my post. More pics in #fringebaby. How cool is this skirt. <3

I visited open food market... Uh I don't know how many times. I tried a lot of new foods, but my faves are always sweets. This pancake is heaven! Can't wait till it's open again this spring! :-P

Again one of the most liked pics on my Insta. My baby fur! More of this look in #fashionbeginsonthestreet


Nature and hiking with my bro! Love the view. My new year resolution is to be more active and eat more healthy! Let do this 2016!

New job with Phyts! Love it, happy they took me so quickly and I've learned so many new things. Can't wait to work with them with my blog as well. Love organic products. <3

Always posing. Love this dress from H&M. Also wearing Adidas superstar sneakers and XYZ sunnies. 

HMxBALMAIN. The crazy experience, but happy I got what I wanted. More photos here.

Party time with my ladies. One of my most liked and viewed posts. Everyone loved this look. Love it too, I guess. And I look super skinny here LOL. All Grey! More photos here.

Not it the mood to shop, got me like.... LOL. Wearing H&M fur, New Yorker leather pants, Zara slip-ones and H&M sweater and hat. My most liked photo on Instagram with a little over 200 likes. Crazy! :-D

Friends since.... I can't even remember. But love them with all of my heart. Happy to have you! <3

December in Ljubljana and Kranj. Love this time of the year. Happy holidays everyone, wishing everyone all the best!

Loved looking back on my memories. So much fun. Hope everyone had a good 2015! Share your fave moments with me here and wishing you a lot more in 2016!

(all pics from my Instgram acc @simpleclassyfab)

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