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Hey my fashionistas!

As much as I love wearing black, gray and nude, sometimes you just have to have a little color in your life. 
Burgundy is such a unique color that keeps on popping every fall and winter and oh it's so amazing. 
It's the perfect color that you can style it up with black, gray, white staple pieces. Gives a lot of life to your outfits and not just outfits, it can look super cute on nails, lips, hairstyles etc. The name was a bit confusing, since the color is described as macaroon, deep red, plum, reddish vs. purple and so on. Call it how you want but there is no denying that the color is amazing and here to stay... :-)
I gathered a lot of inspo pics bellow, so check it out and be inspired... And I actually recommend to enjoy this post with an actual glass of Burgundy! (red wine) :-)

If I was a bit daring I would try this hairstyle. Looks so unique and amazing! Maybe someday.
Not really a big fan of pointy nails, but the color is amazing. Very chick.
I have similar pants in my closet, but I don't wear it a lot. Gonna try it with a cozy knit like the one in left. Love the combo.
The lips are insane. LOVE!

Love the winter theme here.
Goes cute with jeans also. Love the coat.
Love the hat!
The lips are really looking good in this color. Just ordered my first MAC lipstick in deep red color and lets see how will I rock it. Cant wait to wear it.

The amazing blogger @LisaOlsson wearing the amazing leather jacket and hat from ZARA. The details on the right are also from Lisa's blog and she rocks burgundy completely. Love.

Heels vs. Boots.
Soft pink with burgundy makes a stylish combination. Love this look.



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