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Hey my loves!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!

This week my inspiration is all about the street style. Like I said street style is my middle name and although I love getting glamed up from time to time, I prefer to be casual and free. I gathered my fave stylings bellow, so be sure to check it out and feel inspired! :-)

Love this cutie, wearing super casual outfit. Adidas superstar sneakers are one of the most comfy shoes I have ever worn. Love it.
Kendall is my fave from Kardashian/Jenner clan. I just love her style. I think she rocks casual style perfectly and I love her laid-back and simple outfits. She looks perfect in this all white look.
Mixing up casual/sporty look with something elegant kind of makes the whole ensemble. Again perfect Kendall rocking the casual look. Love the sneakers and white blazer together. Perfect!
Comfy, cute and chick. Love!
My girl Anela rocking the black and white combo. Love the soft and edgy mix here. The jacket is the bomb! 
Everyone knows that Kenza is my fave. I absolutely love everything she wears, she is definitely my biggest inspiration. She can pull of almost anything, but street style Kenza is my fave! :-) Love her in this.
Long coat and sneakers. The best combo is you wanna be casual and fashionable. Again my fave Kenza.

All black everything. Love that she added NikeAirMax to kind of spice it up.
Who says you cant wear skirt and sneakers? :-P Love this high fashion girl.
Love her. High waisted skirt if you wanna be a little more elegant goes super well with sneakers if you wanna be comfy. I would change my heels to comfy sneakers in a minute. Love this!
Super cute Jules, rocking oversized cardigan with basic converse sneakers. Have those sneakers and I love them. Super cute look.
Posted this look on Instagram and got some negative comments saying that my Nikes don't go well with the whole look. I was like Whaaaaat! LOL Thank god I actually take criticism very well, but I just couldn't agree on this one. I love this look. This is my everyday casual style and I love mixing up something elegant with something sporty. That's what street style is all about. Anyway... It was just some loser, who doesn't know a thing or two. :-P But the most importantly is to just be yourself. Take whatever you like and make it your own, wear it how you like it and feel good in it. And maybe I'm no expert, but I'm sure someone feels inspired by this. Just be you, always. <3   

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