nedelja, 14. februar 2016



Hello my loves.

I just realized I do a lot of my posts on Sundays. I don't have so much time during the week, so I'm always waiting for the weekends and Sundays are perfect for chilling at home and relaxing. And working with my blog I guess. :-)
Love these photos we did a couple of days ago.
Still kind of struggling with my new camera, but I think we get it more now. 
I am still very much obsessed with burgundy color and that was the inspiration for today's post. I'm wearing leather pants from New Yorker, H&M T-shirt, jacket and bag, Zara slip-ones, CA hat and Mango sunglasses. 
I am obsessed with hats right now and this one is already my fave.
Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday, and wishing everyone a positive week ahead.
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