nedelja, 21. februar 2016


Hey little ones. Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. 

I had such a nice time with my girls and I refilled my batteries for next week. 
We always do something fun in the weekends, so of course I'm already waiting for the next one. :-D

I went partying with all of my besties on Friday and it was really a crazy night. 
I wore my New Yorker skirt again and I am so in love with it. I paired it with polzela tights, H&M top and Top-Shop choker. Also so in love with chokers right now I think they are so in.
Everyone asked me about mine and I don't know if many stores have them yet, but I definitely think we gonna see a lot of them.

On Saturday I kept a casual mood after our wild night in my H&M skinny jeans and I brought back my black converse sneakers. I can wear them again since the weather is finally a little better now and I hope the spring is just around the corner.
And today we went to chill in Ljubljana. 
Ahhh how I love Ljubljana. <3
It's so pretty and it's one of my fave cities.
The weather was also very nice today and of course I had a lot of laughs and talks with my ladies.
 Very cute weekend indeed.
Since I'm such an Insta freak I included photos from my feed and some more from my Iphone.
Be sure to check out my profile and don't forget to follow me. :-)
 And happy Monday tomorrow loves.

Some posing before we had a little to much to drink haha. Love the outfit.
We also did some Snaps. My cousins friends is the cutest. <3
I'm usually always the first one to get ready. And bored when waiting for my friends means taking a lot of selfies. :-P

Besties. <3
Loved my girls look with dem ripped jeans from Zara. Cheers! :-D

Beauties. <3
The next day only food could get me out. The best pica place in Škofja Loka. Yumm.
Today in Ljubljana. <3
Again waiting for my girlfriends. Always. 
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