ponedeljek, 08. februar 2016

PUST 2016

Hello everyone!

On Saturday we had a nice night out with the girls. 
It was actually a mask party and we all dressed up as mechanic girls!
People on twitter asked me if we missed Halloween when I posted a pic of us dressed up, and I had to explain that this is not Halloween LOL.
It's actually similar, but still a little different.
It's a holiday celebrated 40 days before Easter. People usually get dressed up in scary or funny costumes to sweep away the winter and to welcome spring. And also there are a lot of parties in costumes to make it a little more fun for us! :-)
I love that we all dressed up the same and we did have a lot of fun. The music was great, we drank a lot and saw so many funny costumes. Definitely one of my best nights. 
 Check out some photos bellow of me and my girls!

I was actually more of a pin-up mechanic girl. Wore H&M shirt, NewYorker head scarf and  jumpsuit is borrowed from my brother, who actually works in it. LOL. Looked super real. Make up is done by me. I'm not used to having red lips, but I think it looked good. The lipstick I used is from Phyts Cosmetics. Love.

Just doing a little posing before my shift! LOL
Yes I know I talk about my Snapchat a lot! LOL. It really is such a fun app. Posted these pics to my account when we were partying. At first I didn't want to ruin my makeup with a dirty spots on my face, but it wouldn't be so realistic if I hadn't done it. After all, mechanics are dirty! :-D 

I guess I didn't get the memo to wear converse sneakers.
My girl Maja is so pretty. Seriously, she looked so cute in her costume. Again taken from our snapchat accounts.

Work hard, play hard. <3

Taken by my sis, when we were still at home. :-)
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