petek, 12. februar 2016


Hello fashionistas!

OK my current wishlist is focused merely on spring. 

Yesterday was such a nice day here in Slovenia, it was sunny and warm and I thought OK almost spring, but then today it completely changed. Snow. So disappointing. 
I do love snow in December or January, but after that give me spring lol! :-D 
I guess we're gonna have to wait a lil' longer for warmer days, but in the meantime, check out my wishlist bellow.
I think It's gonna be a lot of nudes, soft pinks, whites and army greens. And I'm also really feeling orange color right now and I think it goes super well for the spring.

(click the photo to enlarge)
1. Love basic black heels. Those are from and I love that they are simple, yet stylish and chick. Get it here.
2.The gray sweater is from Ivy Revel and it is so cute. Love the zipper detail at the sides. Get it at!
3. Green bomber jacket and jeans are from H&M. Love bomber jackets right now and you can never go wrong with a pair of good jeans. I think army green is still gonna rock it during spring.
4. Orange heels from ZARA. Love them! <3
5. Cute long coat again from Ivy Revel. Love wearing coats in the winter and love wearing them in spring too. Get this one here.
6. White tee with something written on it is a MUST-HAVE. Also marble Iphone covers are the shit. Love. Get these items at H&M.
7. Rihanna. Sneakers. Need I say more? Love these creepers she designed for Puma. They are always sold out, but I'm waiting for restock. Get them here, but If you wanna buy them please wait until I get mine first. :-D
8. Matte black watch from Love!
9. Again with the jackets. Obsessed with them. I love how they spice up the whole look. The white is from Ivy Revel and the black leather from ZARA. Get them here and here.

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