nedelja, 27. marec 2016


Hello people. Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating today. :-)
I was sick again these past days and I took a little days off just to chill and really get my shit together. I have been sick so many times these past months, but I hope that will change now that spring is here. Warmer days and everything. :-)
I wanna share my current inspo with you. Chokers. 
Found so many cute stylish pics on Pinterest and I put this post together. 
Chokers were stylish a couple of years ago and now they are definitely back. I think they are chic, different and they add a little bit of an edgy vibe to even simple looks.
I kind of feel like a rock-star when wearing mine. LOLz
Read bellow to see how you can rock this look and feel inspired by other bloggers, fashion girls and even celebrities (Kendall is rocking this look every time!). And then shop one for yourself to give your outfit a little fashion forward boost. :-)
Love this black choker. Looks pretty simple and goes so cute with this blouse. I found an old scarf at home and made a choker off of it, and it basically looks like that. :-D I think you can manage too, if you have something in your closet that you don't need anymore...

I think I had about 10 necklaces, like the one in the left, when I was a little girl. :-D they were so popular. And I never thought I would say that, but I guess they are back. The right one kind of looks the same as a dog collar, maybe not for me, but someone edgier. :-D Still love it, tho.

If you really want the choker to pop out, wear it with deep neck or open shoulders top.
Love Kourtney here.
Everyone knows how much I love Kenza. I have to include her in every inspo post I make, since she is such an inspiration for me. I love everything she wears, so this look she rocked was no exception. Love the choker with fur, it mixes edgy and soft together perfectly. Kenza is wearing choker from Asos and you can get it here. :-)


Simple and fab.

Love this velvet one with a little detail. So chic.
I think wearing choker with fur and deep v neck are the best combo. Love this rocker girl.
The left one was saved from Kim Kardashian website and i think it costs 450€. Umm... I'm thinking I don't have so much money to spend it for a necklace, but it looks good. Maybe someday. :-D
Kendall and her style are just everything. She rocks blond locks and Balmain choker perfectly. Love. <3

90s vibe.

Ahhh Kenzas. <3

Silver or pink. If I had to choose... Love them both, but pink would be my pick. Cute!

(pics are all from
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