sreda, 23. marec 2016


 Found some pics on my computer from last weekend, when we were hanging in Bled (one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia) with my sis and her boyfriend.
We had the best time.
My sis is pregnant with her first child and seems like she is always hungry and when I'm with her I'm always hungry too. LOL 
So we took a little walk, ate some ice-cream, walked a little more, ate a little more... (you will see in the pics bellow) :-D
Bled is seriously such a pretty place and a big tourist attraction. I don't know why, but we don't hang in Bled so often, although is pretty close to my hometown. I'm definitely changing that.  
But everyone visiting Slovenia for the first time, has to go to Bled. It really is magical. <3
Check out some pics bellow to see our time there and be sure to visit if you're ever in town. 

A little posing never hurt nobody! :-D Wore H&M jeans and jacket, TopShop sweater, Converse sneakers and Bershka sunnies!
My fave sneakers right now. Love them!

OK now smile you guys! My words for them, between taking photos. LOL. How cute are they? <3
My pregnant sister! <3 We still don't know if we're having a boy or a girl, but if it's a girl, I'm definitely buying her pink furry jacket. LOL

From were we stand...  

This heart is major attraction between everyone. Seems like everyone wants to take a pic with it. I'm not really into this romance thing, but I guess it's cute. Cheesy, but cute. :-D

First ice-cream this year. Yummie. The weather was so lovely, it's so nice to sit in the sun and just relax.

Love spending time with my sister. Especially, when we don't see each other so often. And we're both rocking our buns! Awwww...
Calm place. <3
Best place to try the traditional cream cake.

 Yes you guys, this is so good. Cream cakes, known for decades, are in fact the symbol of Bled. Although you can buy them elsewhere, those from Bled are simply the best. Yummie.

Hi my name is Suzana and I'm a coffee addict. LOL

My typical leg pose. LOL. 

Fave pic ever.
Like I said...we ate a lot. :-D This is back in Kranj and it's one of the best burgers I have ever tasted. Yummm. 


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