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Hey everyone!

So I wanted to make a little post about my time in Finland. 

When I got on Facebook today, I received a notification to check out my memories. It's like an app to bring out memories to look back on from that particular day in your Facebook history. And I love to click on those, cus' I'm always laughing at myself and stuff I wrote back then. :-)

When I checked today it was a memory from three years ago, when I lived in Finland.  
It got me really missin' the experience and I wanted to share my fave pics from my time there...

Seriously living in Finland was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.  
It made me grow so much professionally and it completely changed me. When I was there I lost some of my friends (distance sometimes does that) but I gained so many more.
I worked there as a nurse and I lived with three other roommates. We became such good friends and we still keep in touch. 
And yes it really is so cold there. One night I think it was -26 or something and I remember my eyelashes froze. LOL. And in May it was sunny and beautiful and warm. It really is one of my fave country. 

Check out my pics below and be ready to fall in love... :-)
And I hope I do have some Finnish readers. 

My to girls who I love love love. Jolien and Branka. Can't wait to see you soon! <3  
I think that was shot in May, when it was spring. It was not always cold, like a lot of people think. We lived in Kuopio, small town somewhere in the middle of Finland. It has so many lakes and a lot of shopping centers. LOL.

When it was pretty and sunny we had a BBQ. Yumm.

OK guys I was not such a fashionista back then. Yikes when I see some of the photos.
 What was I thinking with these blue pants? LOL 
It would have been so fun to have a blog back then, tho. Just because Finland is so so beautiful. 
The right pic was taken at 3am. And I had to share it, cus' that was the thing that annoyed me the most. It was so hard to sleep. Finland has short days in the winter time and long days in the summer. 

Kuopio has so many lakes. I was in love. <3
Again with my roommates. Shopping in IKEA. <3
I also hung out with my other girls who I still miss and love. Branka is from Slovenia and we came together to this adventure. And Soizic and Gloria are from France. Love them. We ate a lot and we partied a lot. :-D
Me and Soizic became so close I started to call her my wife. LOL. She always made the best food and tough me to cook too. I'm not so good in the kitchen like she is, tho. Miss you babe. <3

Visiting the famous Puio Tower. Love this pic. I just broke up with my boyfriend at the time, before I came to Kuopio... So I guess I was thinking about him. Some things had to happen...
I was a coffee addict then, and I'm a coffee addict now. LOL. Finnish coffee is the best.

Again with the blue pants. :-( But my happy face is everything when I finished my last job in Kuopio hospital. I love my job. <3
Selfie time. Love the brown hair I had. And the sunnies were my fave.

I see you little heart.
Best thing ever. In February we went to visit Rovaniemi. It's a city located in the north part of Finland and it's the capital of Lapland and also where Santa lives. :-) We went dog sledding and it was magical. So cold, but magical. I took a little pic when we stopped for a break. Bucket list!


 With my best roommates. From left to right; Jolien and her boyfriend, Branka and little me. We had a desert party and everyone brought or made something sweet. I tried so many traditional sweets. I think I made tiramisu, even tho I'm not Italian :-D But that is the only thing I make good, guys.

 Like I said. Coffee, coffee, coffee.... :-D

 No words.

From Lapland. Beautiful moment in the morning and my two besties. <3

My fave coffee place.

Visiting Santa Claus in Lapland. So much fun.

Our fave place to go was Passion club. Best time. I know we all loved Macklemore that time and his hit Thrift shop. "Now I'm gonna pop some tags.... :-D"

Ok just doing some posing. :-)
And my babe doing the same.
 Coffee house. <3

Our apartment building and my room. I'm such a neat freak I always had everything clean and organized. :.)

 Going to Puio Tower in winter time.

 And again in summer. :-)

My people! <3
Visiting Santa Claus and his village. Best day. <3

Before we went sledding with the dogs... We were dressed in jeans and basic jackets and when the people working there saw us, they were like; kids you are gonna freeze. LOL
So they gave us jackets and pants and boots and everything. And it was still freezing. 
But one of the best things I did in my life... So fun! <3

 Never too cold for a selfie. :-D

 Finland from above.... Going home... :-(

(all pics taken form my poor camera and my Samsung phone I had back then; Please excuse low quality)
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