sreda, 13. april 2016


Hey you guys!
Just a quick update to show you that I'm still alive. LOL

So sorry for the lack of updates on my blog, but I have been working a lot and doing stuff for school and enjoying this beautiful weather we had recently. :-)

I'm gonna do some new posts this weekend and I can't wait to show you.
I have also been working a lot on my blog, just to have a better content and to grow a little. I'm working on my new page now and I'm slowly saying goodbye to I can't wait to show you the final result. It's gonna be super simple and basic, but the whole page is gonna be different and easier to connect.
Super excited. :-)

Here are some selfies I snapped today during traffic jam. I just love these sunnies from Bershka, and I wore all black today. I'm currently at the office working, and then I'm gonna sleep at my sister's place, since our bathroom is being renovated and my whole apartment is a mess... :-(
Hope you are all having a great wednesday!

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