sreda, 20. april 2016


Hey babes!

Although I didn't make a new outfit post this weekend I am still super excited about this new post. 
Ugh I really need a new photographer and I'm actively looking for one. I would love to take more outfit photos and show you guys, but it's hard when you don't have anyone taking your pics. :-(
I'm really frustrated about it, but hopefully I will find a photographer soon and have more posts for you guys. :-)

But still this new post is so exciting. 

I got my new hairstyle thanks to the amazing Darja from Magic Touch salon in my hometown Kranj.
I seriously love it so much. <3
I can never decide if I wanna be blond or brown, so Darja created this perfect mixture between both colors. Brownish with blonde highlights.
She also cut my hair a little since I'm not into long hair so much. Perfect hairstyle for spring and summer days. :-)
Check out some pics bellow to see the final result and don't forget to visit if you ever need a haircut.

 Classy vibes.

 A little selfie never hurt nobody.

 It was gray and rainy day, so I took my little yellow bag with me. A pop of color. So cute. From Pimkie.

 Coffee break.

 The result. Ombre/Balayage. Love the mixture between two colors, perfect if your like me and can't decide which one you want. :-D

Close up.

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