sobota, 02. april 2016


Hey you guys!

I hope you spent a lovely Saturday today.

I just looooove Saturdays.
 Well, I love the whole weekend, but Saturdays are my fave. :-D

I usually have my days off from work on weekends, so I always like to do something fun.
Today I went to "Open Kitchen"  with my sis, which is a food market, where you can try different foods from different restaurants. The weather was super sunny and warm, so it was kind of perfect to chill, eat and hang with my sis. <3
I didn't mean to put this photos up on blog at first, since I didn't have any makeup on and I haven't washed my hair for about a week (yes I know, I'm so lazyy), but I kind of liked the whole outfit, so here you go. :-D

I  went super casual with my Mango sweater, H&M jacket, Pimkie jeans, Adidas sneakers and XYZ sunnies. The watch is from Guess and rings from H&M.
I'm also just obsessed with my new pink Iphone 6s. 
Sooo pretty, right?
Anyways, it was a lovely Saturday and I just love that spring is in full mood. 
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