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Hey loves!

Here are some snapshots from my amazing weekend getaway in Umag, Croatia with my friends!
I have been sick again with an ugly flu last week, so when my friend Tanja told me to come to take a lil' vacation with her for the weekend I just couldn't say no.
Plus I thought fresh sea air and salty water would help me feel better aaaand It kind of did. I feel a lot better now! :-)
I'm so over it being sick all the time, I really have to take care of myself more! :-/
 Anyways... Here are some pics I took from our weekend getaway.
We played volleyball, we chilled on the beach, we ate and ate, took a swim in crazy cold water and just relaxed in the sun. Very calming indeed. <3
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well.

Love this dress from H&M with silver slippers. From where I stand.
My lovely besties. My crazy brother Goran and my bestie Tanja with her boyfriend Boris.

Details. Loving this sunnies from H&M.
No make-up selfie. And hello pimple on the left cheek.
So pretty. The weather was so sunny and warm on Saturday and a little colder on Sunday. I went to take a dip in the water, but it was super cold. It was very refreshing! :-D
I don't now what are we doing here lol.

She is so pretty! <3 I guess she was telling something funny :-P
Staying hydrated with MyEqua. All pink.
We were to tired to go out, so we stayed in and drank some beers. Cozy.
Say wohoo! :-D
I could get used to this view every morning.
Second day outfit. Sneakers on the beach are not always a good idea, lol. Shirt from Zara, sunnies from Mango, shoes from Bershka.

A little posing never hurt nobody. :-)

But first.... Coffee!
Love these sneakers, but they gave me blisters all over for the second time. Ugh, hate it. It was super painful. Hopefully my foot just has to get used to it, cus I really wanna be able to wear them. :-/
Cheers to an amazing day with my fave people.
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