četrtek, 23. junij 2016



Here it is a very glam look I did a couple of days ago. 

If I don't know what to wear, I always go with all black. 
It's not very summer color, but you can never go wrong with it. 
I felt very chick in this, but I was not such a fan of myself in these photos. I just don't like my hair so messy and I am in serious need of some tan, cus' my legs are too much pale. :-/
Thank god I'm going to the sea side this week to get some tan on! :-)
 And thank god I have an amazing photographer, who shot some nice pics of me, even tho' I was not feeling very pretty. Ugh, I think everyone has one of those days...

 I am wearing Stradivarius skorts, Zara shirt and heels, Bershka sunglasses and an amazing bag from Slovenian designer Tyashulina. She makes these amazing bags with unique painted design and I feel in love with this classy black and white beauty. Be sure to check out her Facebook page and you can shop her bags here. <3
 Anyways, hope you are feeling these pics a little more than me, lol.
Have a nice weekend everyone, I'm gonna write as soon as I'm back from my vacation! :-)

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