torek, 28. junij 2016


Hello babes!

I am finally back from my mini vacation in Poreč, Croatia. I had the best time with my girl! The weather was lovely, water was great, we went partying a little and met some people and just had an amazing time. We always have crazy time when together and although it was a very quick trip, it was exactly what we needed!
I don't have any planes to go to the sea side this year, but I am going to London in August for a couple of days and I'm very excited about that. :-) 
I will however try to squeeze some days at the sea side with my friends I hope.
Of course I brought my camera with me and I took some snaps of our time there, so be sure to check it out bellow!
Can't wait for the weekend again! It's officially summer! :-)))))

Calming place! <3
My friend Maja is very summery in this cute outfit! Love her! <3
Nude selfies when waiting for my girl to get ready! I look really tired here! :-D
I tried this amazing tanning product from @AFRODITA. And I finally got some tan on!
We ate a lot, but hey ice cream is a must in hot summer days!
Love these slippers from @XYZ.
Love this cover up from @HM. I bought it two years ago and its still one of my faves. Bikini from @BERSHKA.
Pic from our terrace in our amazing house! <3
Pasta for dinner. Guys, I am such a lousy cook, but I really wanna get better, lol. Maybe I should start practicing or just find a man who can cook, lol. Thank god my girl knows how to make the best meals. Yumm.
I went partying in this casual outfit.Wearing @HM top and @BERSHKA shorts!
My @TYASHULINA clutch is my fave!

I am always (ALWAYS!) first one to get ready and of course that means snapping some pics, LOL. Yes I went out with wet hair! :-D
My babe in @ZARA skirt and @HM top.
Nope, didn't do this.
Hangover face.
Coral vibes. Love these flats from @HM.
Coffee break.
Take me baaaaaack.

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