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Hello beautiful people! 

It's been a few weeks since my latest post, but here I am ready to get into full time blogging again. 
My photographer Enja went to take a vacation and then I went and now we haven't seen each other in a month. I have been really missing working with her, but I still have some outfits and posts I wanna share with you guys... :-)

First of course are my London moments.

As you know I went to London for a week and it has been one of my fave trips ever. 
We did have some problems while traveling with Ryanair, but other than that everything was amazing. I was so happy my girlfriend Maja was with me, we become super close after the trip and we had the best time. <3
I took so many pics, so that's why I decided to separate them a little bit and make it in three posts. London is just so pretty and photogenic so I couldn't help myself but to always have my camera with me! :-)
A lot of people asked me what was my fave moment there... Hm... There were definitely a lot of good moments, but my fave was maybe just laying on the grass in front of the Buckingham palace with my girl... 
And meeting some new people! :-) That's always fun...
More of what have we been up to in the photos bellow...

 First thing is coffee always! We were very sleepy when we arrived in Venice.

 And then we arrived to these pretty streets! Love London! <3

 Posing in Oxford street where we of course did a little shopping! :-) This was our first day in London. We haven't slept at all and we just took a shower, changed and went out.
I'm wearing Bershka jeans, Zara tee, Pimkie bag and Allstar sneakers.

 Did some damage in H&M. :-)

 The next day weather was so much better. We went to grab a coffee at Starbucks and then to explore the city. Wearing H&M top, Zara choker and bag, Stradivarius jeans and Allstar sneakers. Sunnies from Bershka.

 So pretty.

Regent street in the night time. 

 Being crazy as always in front of the Buckingham palace.

 I didn't get to see the queen, but hey... It was still a nice day! :-P

 Fave moment! <3

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