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Good morning people!

Here are some more pics from our lovely time in London. 

I'm back working full time and it seems that vacation time is over for now. 
Thank god the weather is still in summer mood, so we can at least enjoy some pool time, before it will be cold again.
 I am actually thinking about going back to London in December to meet some bloggers and it would be lovely to celebrate New Years eve there. It's just a thought now, but I will see if I can really make it. I also have to bring my girl Maja to go with me! <3
We just love London so much and we have to explore the city a little more! :-)
Check out some more photos bellow to see a lot more stuff we did and I wish you a lovely Monday everyone!
Let's kick some ass!

Coffee mood at Venice airport. We haven't really slept all that much because our flight was so early.


London eye was one of the things I was looking for to do the most. But when we got there, it was so many people and we would have to wait for three hours to go there. Ugh it was a little too much for us to wait so long. Hopefully we can go next time and book our tickets earlier... It is on my wishlist. <3

First time eating at KFC and it was yummy.

She doesn't like pics and I don't understand why.

She is so pretty, tho. Love this pic in front of the Buckingham palace.

I met up with Kim to talk and do some selfies of course.

That moment when you can't decide what to get...

Just give me everything please. Eating with my babe at Pizza Hut. It was delicious. 

Big Ben is really big. And so so pretty...

My outfit when we went to party... The last pic is me trying to teach Maja to snap some good ones, lol. It's not always easy with my camera. I'm wearing New Yorker skirt and HM bodysuit.

Coffee was our fist stop always. Starbucks is the best!

She is so so beautiful. <3 <3 <3

The beautiful Tower Bridge. We went there, grabed some coffies and just laid on the grass and watched the view. It was our fave moment. <3

I was feeling very hippie in this outfit. Wearing Zara jeans (love the wide leg), HM top, HM sunglasses and Converse sneakers.

 Like I said... She is so damn beautiful. And no she is not wearing my top, we have the same one. :-)

From where we stand. <3
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