nedelja, 21. avgust 2016


Hey people!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been a little busy these days...

I needed to do some work for my thesis after returning from London and then I had my sister visiting from Croatia and we had the best week ever.
We hung out at my house, went to take a little trip to Slovenian sea side, saw some new places (seriously Piran is a small city, but it is so so beautiful) and I just loved having her around. <3
I'm ready for the new working week tho and I'm meeting Enya tomorrow after one month to film some new looks. This one was from our last meeting and it is one of my fave looks!
 This skirt from New Yorker is definitely my fave fall piece, but it also looks cool during summer time. And the color is just fire. I styled it up with TopShop tee, Converse sneakers and H&M sunglasses. Jewelry is from Bershka and bag from Zara.
 Hope you are all enjoying Sunday, I'm home alone, eating ice-cream, working for my blog and listening VH1. :-)
Cozy night indeed.

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