nedelja, 18. september 2016


Yes these pics are totally giving me the London vibe. We were joking with Enya when shooting this, that it kind of looks like we're in London. :-) Or maybe we were just dreaming how nice it would be... Ahh London! <3 Definitely one of my fave cities.
Ok back to the clothes. It was still very warm and sunny last week here in SLO and I was taking advantage of the nice weather to wear all of my summer stuff. Now it's back to jackets and sweaters again. :-/
Pants are from NewYorker, top from H&M. Bracelets and slippers also from H&M. Bag and sunnies from Zara.
I also love my hair like that. I'm always super lazy when it comes to fixing my hair, usually it's just messy bun or messy curls. But every now and then I straighten them and then everyone asks me if I got a haircut. No they just look normal for once, LOL.
The balayage color is by amazing Darja from @magictouch and pics by the lovely @enyabrelihphotography. 
We are now off to Ljubljana for fashion week and I am super excited about that. Enya is coming with me and I can't wait to show you my look. I will update tomorrow. :-)
Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!

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