ponedeljek, 26. september 2016


Yesterday I visited one of the most charming cities ever in Slovenia called Piran. Seriously I just feel in love with it. I have been there twice actually, but only in the night time, so I haven't really experienced the city like I would like to... But yesterday was totally different!
After fashion week my good friend Soizic from Paris came to visit and she stayed with me for the whole week. We had an amazing time together, we went literally everywhere, LOL.
Slovenia is such a beautiful country, but I don't have a lot of visitors here, so that's why I wanted to take Soizic to all of my fave places. We went to Ljubljana, Bled, stayed in my hometown Kranj, went to Zagreb in Croatia and took a trip to Piran. 
It was so nice to see everything with her and to spend some time together. We met when we were both living in Finland and we saw each-other again after almost four years. 
She has been such an amazing guest and my apartment feels empty now without her around. :-/ Hopefully we will take a trip together soon! :-)
So back to Piran... We took so many pics because I mean you just have too... It is so small and pretty, you can actually walk the whole city around in about two hours. It has many view points and I love those because you can see the whole city from above. We ate some food, walked around, took some pics and even manged to take a nap in the beach, LOL. It was so sunny and warm. Amazing Sunday indeed. <3
And if you are ever in Slovenia, don't forget to stop by this cute charming little city.

I'm wearing @HM dress and sunglasses.
Bag from @ZARA.
And @Converse sneakers.
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