sreda, 12. oktober 2016


Good morning babes! I have just woken up but I'm still in bed and I don't wanna leave it! :-/ 
 I will have to get ready tho, and get my ass to work, but first coffee, a lot of emails and blog.
I have some exciting new projects coming up, some collaborations and can't wait to film with Enya again. We haven't been shooting nothing new in about a week, since the weather was shity and she went to Vienna for two days... But hopefully Friday! :-)
 I still have some photos when my friend Soizic was vising me from Paris. We really enjoyed spending time together and we explored Slovenia as much as we could. 
I took her to so many places, we walked around a lot, went to eat at my fave restaurants, went hiking (typical thing to do in Slovenia) and really enjoyed our beautiful country.
Check my photos bellow to see everything we did. xx
Me and Soizic have such different styles, so we changed it up a little bit just for fun. I was wearing her cute jacket from the French brand called @Jennyfer and the bag also from @Jennyfer. Check out their page here, they have a lot of cute stuff and it is actually very affordable.
So cute. <3
We went to Ljubljana castle and just sat in the grass and watched the view. Best moment. <3
Just a little posing... :-)
Classy right? :-)
Wifey. When we lived in Finland, Soizic always cooked something for me, so I started to call her my wife. You all know that I am such a lousy cook, so thank god for her dinners. :-D
My Ljubljana! <3 We sat in the grass and looked at this view. I was learning Soizic some Slovenian words and she teached me some French. It is seriously the hardest language ever.
Walking on air. <3
These streets, tho... <3
We brought my camera everywhere and we were so inspired by a lot of places, things, streets, people... Everywhere I go I always act like a tourist and I love to make as much as memories as I can.
Wifey doing some posing.... :-)
Soizic took my bomber jacket from @PULLANDBEAR and my bag from @ZARA. Street style is not really her vibe but she looks super cute in this. <3
When don't know what to wear I always go with all black. Wearing @PIMKIE jeans, @ZARA top, bag and slip-ones, @PULLANDBEAR jacket and @HM sunglasses.
Lunching at my fave place @MAKALONCA. It was yummy even tho, we had to wait almost 40 minutes to get our order. I almost missed my work, but at the end we made it on time. :-)
Fave pic. <3
Another beautiful place in Slovenia. <3 
I had to go to work, so Branka took Soizic to Bled. I lived with Branka in Finland, where we actually all met. Reunion. :-)
Love this pic.
Went hiking at @SMARJETNAGORA which is a small hill in my hometown Kranj. It is maybe a 20 minute walk and the view up is amazing. The weather was lovely and sunny and we were enjoining some drinks and just being completely relaxed and stress free. :-)
Of course had to do a little posing. :-)
Playing a little bit with my camera. :-)

Since I was a little bit sick we ordered some tea and sat in the sun for almost two hours. Cozy. :-)
Found some more pics from the beautiful Piran. Being silly at the Tartini square. :-)

I am always super calm and I don't get stressed easily, so I was trying to teach my Wifey the same. Living in Paris is of corse a little bit more stressful than living in Slovenia. But we found this cute pillow in Piran and took some pics with it, since it is now our moto. :-) It is just easier to live like that and I think everyone can do it. Life is just to short to worry about stupid things.
Still dreaming about this. I actually got and email from the Mayor office of Piran and they told me they loved the post I did about their city. Crazy. You can see the post HERE. :-)
Completely stress free. :-)
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