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On October 7th I attended the biggest beauty bloggers event in Ljubljana, organized by the one and only Nika Veger, who owns Beautyfullblog
Although I don't consider myself as a beauty blogger I attended the event just to learn some new things, maybe met some other bloggers and to just have a great time! :-) And to hang with my blogger bestie Nataša.
I do actually wanna focus my blog a little bit more into beauty category, just because I love make-up and I already have some knowledge about it, but on the other hand I also have some skin problems which I don't wanna expose. That has been my insecurity and I'm not sure if I wanna put my damaged skin on my blog, because when you do beauty posts there are a lot of close-ups. :-/ But on the other side, those are the little things that makes me... Me... You know, nobody is perfect.
 Anyways I learned so much about skin problems at the event, since we had the opportunity to talk with a lot of professionals. We received so much stuff to try and I already feel in love with some new products. More in the photos bellow, some were shot by my photographer @EnyaBrelih and others by me! :-)
Thank again to Nika, who did an amazing job with the event.  
Looking forward to many more. <3
 This eye shadow palette from Revolution London is absolutely one of the best I have ever tried. It's a mixture of 32 shades from bright to dark colors. The shadows are super pigmented and you can choose from a great mix of shimmer and matte wearable and expiremantal shades. Plus you get big mirror with it. So amazing. Thank you @Licila.si. <3 Get yours here.

These brushes from Revolution London are also one of my favorites at the moment. I saw that a lot of my blogger ladies from the event, got different set of bigger/round brushes, which are perfect for contouring, but mine are perfect for everything that you need around the eyes. The set contains blending eye brush, oval eye brush and eyeliner brush. All three are super easy to use, very soft and very easy to clean. Get them from @Licila.si here.

 Perfection. Photo by @enyabrelihphotography.

 I was also very impressed by these two nail-polishes. The silver one is from @Avon and the baby blue one is from @Alessandro. The blue one looks so damn nice on and the silver one is not really my style, but since I received so many praise wearing it, I thought OK maybe it's not that bad. :-D The silver one could be perfect for Christmas days and the blue one can be wearable during winter, spring or summer. Definitely big fan of both brands.  

Wearing Avon nail-wear pro+ color "Starry Sky". Get it here.
 Photo @enyabrelihphotography.

Wearing "baby blue" nail polish by @Alessandro. Obsessed. Get it here.
Photo @enyabrelihphotography.

OK so I love to apply nail-polish on, but I hate hate hate having to wait for it to dry. I usually don't wait long enough and then I ruin my nails and then all of the effort goes into nothing. :-/  But this little baby from @Avon is everything you need if you're as impatient person as I am. It's called "Avon Nail experts liquid freeze" and it actually works. This product instantly drys your nail-polish after you apply it. I usually paint my nails, wait for minute or two, and then spray it all over my nails. And that's about it. Seriously best thing ever. Get it here.

I don't wear red lips a lot, but I talked about @TrendItUp make-up in my previous post and I am such a big fan on the brand. We got this beautiful Matte Red Lip-cream, which is just perfect. I have never worn more pigmented red color. This one stays one forever, does not smudge when drinking or eating, it smells super nice and it looks so damn good. Love it. <3
Actually the only problem was that it was hard to take it off. You need good make-remover for this one.

Also new nail-polish from @TrendItUp. I need more colors.

I was not super excited by this lipstick from @Catrice, but now I have worn it a few times and I love it more and more. It's such a cute shade, perfect for fall/winter times. The shade that I'm wearing is 060 Merl-Oh! and you can get it here. You can also see how it looks on my lips bellow and on my previous post "Orange" here. 

Photo @enyabrelihphotography. 

For more info on all the products, go to:

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