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Hey babes. Hope you are all enjoying last days in 2016. I am so ready for 2017, I have a feeling it's gonna be the best year ever. 
Like I said, I am planning something really BIG for 2017 and I'm gonna tell you a lot more about it in my next post. But in the meantime I wanna take a moment and look back at 2016. So many things happened, but for sure, one of the best is when my amazing sister gave birth to my little niece. <3 No words how much you can actually love someone... I mean, I don't even love my niece, I am obsessed with her. Annoying aunty for sure. :-D
I think I have really grown a lot as a blogger this year, too. So happy I got a chance to work with Enya, she really is so inspirational and we made so many good photos. We have something new planned in the beginning of 2017, so stay tuned. And I met a lot of amazing new people, new bloggers, went to Ljubljana Fashion week, traveled a little... My girl Soizic from Paris was here in Slovenia and we had the best time. Also had an amazing time in London. Yes, London is for sure my fave city and I'm gonna see it a lot more in 2017. Very excited! <3
So if I look back, 2016 was definitely a good year. I'm not really a person, who makes a lot of new year resolutions, so for 2017 I just wanna be healthy, I wanna have my friends and family by my side and I wanna follow my dreams.
Take a look bellow to see my fave looks and moments from this past year. And happy 2017 peopleeee! <3

 London was for sure one of the best trips ever. Loved going there and share crazy moments with my girlfriend Maja, who is one of my best friends in the world. Love you babe. <3
 Also Piran. Seriously, how pretty. I just love to find cute little cities with so much charm. Piran has it all. Definitely need to go back this summer, right Soizic? :-) 
 Love this classy look I did back in the summer. Yes, I can also be classy you guys. The crazy part is, that I lost those amazing sunglasses from Bershka. :-(  Also wearing trousers and shirt from H&M.
 This look was one of the most viewed on my blog this year. Crazy, but people were actually texting me about how much they love it. I think it's because of Beyonce, since I'm reppin her brand Ivy-Park. :-) The hat is from H&M, sunnies XYZ, pants Bershka.

 See I smile in my photos people. Relax! :-D This one was filmed in September but it was so hot and being in my leather mini from H&M was not a good idea. Nowadays we are freezing when filming, so... Definitely better to be hot. 
 This hippie vibes outfit is Enyas favorite and I love it too, since we did something different with it. Usually we never shoot in the woods, but we kind of felt it and did it. :-) The hat from H&M, Zara top and Zara pants... 
 Like I said... I do smile people!!! :-D No really, I have had some comments about me looking "bitchy" in my photos, because I like to keep my face serious, but that is just not the case. 
I am definitely always in a good mood, super positive, super happy. Just because I don't smile, doesn't mean I'm bitchy. But since I take criticizem very well, I try to do a little smirk every now and then just to keep up with people. :-D

 This one was one of the first photoshots we did with Enya. We were really feeling the graffiti vibe, so we shot a lot of looks there. Love this black and white look and my straight hair. <3 Skirt from Zara, shirt from Pimkie.

 Do I look skinny in my photos? Number one question I ask Enya when filming. She is always like, yes you are, now stop it. :-D One of our first pics, but I love these so much. H&M jeans, Adidas superstar shoes, Pimkie crop-top, H&M bomber... Y-A-S!

 Ahhhh London! <3 Being silly in front of the Buckingham palace with my baby. She is gonna freak when she sees that I posted this pic before her approval (yes, she has to approve everything grrr) but I don't care, it's my blog and I can do whatever I want. :-D We are super cute, tho.

 Zagreb with my lovely Soizic. <3 Miss u babe. 
  People are asking me, what is my fave look of 2016. I have to say, this one from LJFW is maybe the winner. I just love this velvet dress from Zara and my friend Matic let me borrow this oversized denim, which went perfectly with the dress. And the ponytail and the boots and sunnies. I felt sexy.

 This all pink look was also super cute. And one of my faves, too.
Ahhh summer. I use the first pic for my profile on Instagram, I just love how my eyes turned very blue in this shot. I usually hate filming without my sunnies, but I'm glad I didn't put them on for this one. Wearing Zara slippers, Pimkie skirt, Zara crop-top, Asos sunnies and bag from Tyashulina, amazing designer from Slovenia. Check for her bags here.

 OK how about this one??? So cute, right. Love this red skirt from Zara. I remember when I got these photos, I just could decide which one to post, because I loved them all. For everyone who asked me, how this works... So we film two or three looks with Enya once a week. She usually sends me 30-40 photos after a few days and then I usually pick 10-12 photos per post. Sometimes it's less, sometimes it's more. I never photo-shop them, even tho I sometimes would like to. :-D

 Another one from summer. <3 Shot this right before I went to London. Love this skirt, I need to wear it more. It's from NewYorker, and I never shop there, but so happy I bought this one. Maybe with some boots and black fur for next weeks look?

 Green vibes with Kenzo sweater, H&M skirt and AllStar sneakers. Love this look. <3

 Another one of the most viewed in 2016. Everyone is obsessing with this fur from H&M. I wear it a lot actually, cus' it just goes well with everything!!!! <3

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