nedelja, 11. december 2016


OK so glasses have been a big part of me, since I was 14 when I got my first pair. But since I was never a fan, I got so used to wearing contacts, that I completely feel weird if I have to wear my glasses. And when I do, people freak out, like I look amazing wearing them. 
I am like really? They look good? :-/ 
Anyways, now glasses are for sure a stylish item and they kind of give an ordinary outfit complete boost up and I feel the same about sunglasses. That is why I almost always wear them at my photo-shootings. Enya says they are like my trend-mark. :-D 
So I'm gonna try to wear my glasses more and I am currently obsessing over aviator glasses. I just one day saw Kendall Jenner wearing them and then a lot of girls on Instagram and I thought wow they look really cool. So I ordered today three pairs, two from Asos and one from AliExpress. They were not very expensive, so don't judge me OK. :-D
Can't wait for them to arrive, but in the meantime take a look of my inspo bellow. 
Happy Sunday. xx 

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