ponedeljek, 02. januar 2017


Wearing new fur baby from H&M // Zara pants // Ivy Revel choker

You guys, thank you for all of your nice comments about my move to the UK. I have received so many positive comments and so many good feedback and it has been really so crazy ever since I announced it. I couldn't be happier to start my 2017 fresh and all of the support means a lot! Thank you everyone! <3
People are asking me, what am I gonna miss the most, and of course my little niece is the winner here. :-D And my mom, dad and my sister. I think I'm gonna miss them the most!
I will do one last photo-shot with Enya this week and then I'm gonna spent the last two weeks with my family and my amazing friends. 
I also wanted to share some pics from our New Years Eve. First I went to my sisters place to hang a little bit with my niece and then to my cousins place to spent the rest of the night there with a bunch of my friends. We drank a little, ate a lot and played boarding games. Fun and cozy night indeed. Just what we needed. <3 Happy 2017!

I hate posting children on social media, but this time I will do an exception, since this pic is just too cute. My Eva. <3 She was mesmerized with my coat LOL. 
 My beautiful Tanja. <3

 I love them. <3

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