nedelja, 01. januar 2017


You guys, I have a pretty BIG news. As I was giving hints about 2017 being totally different in my previous posts, today I got to finally share my crazy and exciting news. 
I decided I wanna start my new years fresh and completely new and I am proud to say I will be moving to the UK!!!!! I'm soooo excited and scary and anxious. But all my feeling are very positive and I can't wait to start fresh. 
This has actually been my wish for quite some time. After my last lousy job, I was really starting to think that maybe Slovenia just doesn't have the best options for me to create the life I want. Although I love my little country, and my friends and family are all here, but something about living in Slovenia just feels... I don't know. I think the best way to get success here is connections, connections, connections... And it's just not the way I wanna get jobs.
Anyway I was really starting to look for a job outside of my country last month and I got an amazing opportunity to work as a nurse in the UK. Since my English is super good, and I love London so much, UK was of course my first option. For now, I will focus a lot more on my new job, finishing my thesis and figuring out how to live in another country. And as for blogging... I for sure won't quit or anything, but maybe I won't be having so many fashion posts, since I have to find a new photographer and everything. And I will see how my blog will turn out, I think I can be even more inspirational to someone, now that I have completely different content. 
Soooo. It's gonna be a really crazy 2017 and I am so so ready for new opportunities and challenges. And now the hard part... Packing!!!! I'm actually leaving in two weeks. Crazy!!!
 Hope you all celebrated NewYearsEve with your loved ones, and I wish you all safe and healthy 2017! And don't forget to always follow your dreams.<3

some photos from my last trip to UK in 2016! Cant wait to see London again. <3

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