nedelja, 15. januar 2017


Hello from the other sideeeeeee!!! Guys, I had such a crazy journey, but I'm finally chillin in my new home in the UK. I'm in Wales currently and I guess I will be moving a lot. :-D I think I will try to find an apartment with roommates, just because I hate living alone. Not that I'm afraid or anything, it just feels weird when you're suddenly completely alone. You kinda miss everything when living with your parents, even the annoying things. :-D But hey I guess I just need to get used to it. 
So I spent a few days in London and I went to visit my fave places. Did a little shopping in Oxford street, when to grab something to eat, drank Starbucks (fave) and visited the London Eye. It was such a nice time, I love love love London. I will be back in London soon, but tomorrow I'm off to work here in Wales for the first time and I'm very excited. 
So many people have been texting me, sending me emails and asking me how is it going now that I moved to UK. And I just can't tell you yet, maybe ask me again in a week. :-D
I didn't imagine being it so hard if I'm completely honest. The hard part was at the airport, my mom was crying and I took it hard too. Hate seeing my mom hurting. :-/ And then being completely alone and everything...  It will take some time I guess. I'm still super optimistic and positive and I know I got this. :-))
I spent the day here in Wales today and I also took some pics of my current apartment, it is just the cutest!!! Gonna show you more pics tomorrow, but for now some Iphone snapshots from London. <3 Don't forget to follow me around on my Snapchat and Instagram stories. User name is @simpleclassyfab. :-)
Thanks for all of your support you guys. Means a lot. Much love. xx

Oxford! <3
Coffee before my flight. <3
Above the clouds. <3 So after saying goodbye to my beautiful mom and dad I was left in tears. I just couldn't help it, it was a really hard moment. I got it together after some time, above the clouds. It was weird, I'm really not a cryer. :-D People were looking me really weird. Anyways, before the landing we were having some turbulence and the pilot started to speak through the microphone. He said that landing wasn't possible, because of the weather, so he had to make another turn around London and then try again. I started to getting really sick, because of all the turning. It was really scary and I was completely sweaty. :-D Then at the end we made it safe and sound. I do hate flying now. :-D

Just looking. :-)
I really need a photographer. :-D

Tried salted caramel cappuccino. It was so so good. <3 
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