četrtek, 19. januar 2017


 When you actually live right next to the beach!!! <3 
Currently in my new home in Saundersfoot, South Wales. <3

After traveling from London to Wales, I had a friend who picked me up at the bus stop and took me to my new place. I was sooo surprised, since I didn't expect it to be so nice. You can see pictures bellow, it is like a little cottage, one bedroom place. The kitchen and living room are upstairs, and downstairs bedroom and bathroom. Everything was clean and brand new I almost didn't wanna touch nothing for a few days, LOL. I'm gonna be staying a little more in this place, but then when I move again I need to find something similar to this. :-D 
I have been pretty OK living here for a week now. I'm having fun at my new job, my coworkers are so lovely and nice, I also met a friend who came from Slovenia and we hit it off immediately. He is so so funny. We are gonna visit Swansea and Cardiff on Saturday and hopefully the weather will be a little better so we can take some pics. :-) 
I also have been having some driving lessons, since I will be driving a lot at my new job. The problem is, that the British people drive at the opposite side of the rode, then us back in Slovenia. Even if it looks pretty simple, I will tell you that it is not. :-D 
But the more I drive, the more I will feel comfortable driving.
Anyways... More pics bellow. Hugssss to all my lovely readers.

 Every house is painted in these pastel blue or pink colors. Just so so pretty. The local people told me that it is a little empty now, but in the summer it can be crowdy and busy. 
Cant wait until I can take a little swim in the ocean. :-D

 When you don't cook, but have like the best kitchen. Will try to be more into cooking, I promised my mom I wont be eating sandwiches all week...

My cozy living room. 

 One of the most comfortable beds ever. I wanna take it with me, when I move. :-D

 See, I can try. :-P First dinner in my new home.

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