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 My fave city ever. Tenby, Pembrokeshire.
I have been receiving so many emails about my life in the UK. Ever since I moved, even the people I don't know are sending me emails and questions about it. Why did I decide to do it, did I really went alone, what is different now and do I miss home? 
Well I decided to answer a few of them and to tell you more about my new chapter... -)
Sooo... I decided to do it, because Slovenia just didn't do me any good. Like I said I love my little country, but it was really hard to find a proper job with proper pay, which is a must if you want to create something from your life and stop living off of your parents.
I was worried that my life stood in one place for three years and it just didn't move.
Sometimes you just need to make a big change. And now I can really say I made a right decision moving here. It actually feels like I'm breathing again in a way... I don't know how to explain, but it feels like I made a big step forward and I'm really proud of myself.
And yes I really went alone :-D but I have made so many friends already, everyone here is super nice, I love British people. My job has been crazy, I work a lot, but also has been super fun. I get along well with my coworkers, I love my patients and I have been really good driving on the opposite side. :-D That was my biggest worry actually. 
And yes I do miss home. I'm not really so homesick yet, but I would love to give a big hug to my mom, dad, sister and my little niece. And to have a few drinks with all my amazing girlfriends. <3
Anyways... It has been really a crazy journey but I feel really fine. Not ready to go back home just yet, even tho my mom is hoping for me to. :-D  
We are cooking today at my house. The house is so so nice, I will take a few pics when it's completely done to show you. :-)
But for now some snaps from my phone bellow.
Big big hugs from UK and thanks everyone for your lovely emails, messages and replays.

 The yummiest breakfast ever in Tenby. I love their pancakes and I eat here a lot, especially when I'm too lazy too cook. (which is always) :-D

 Having fun exploring in Saundersfoot. It is a cute little town, where I was leaving for the first two weeks. And living on a beach, what better, right? :-)
 My new car is Kia, Picanto. It's so so cuteeeeee. And obsessed with Costa, this new coffee I just tried. SO. SO. GOOD.
 Just a little posing in front of the telephone booth. :-)
 I'm obsessed with Tenby. It has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I'm actually looking for an apartment here, we'll see if I find something cheap. :-)
 Swansea is one the biggest cities here in Wales. I have been there a lot, and I love it. It has amazing beaches, a nice town, food, nightclubs and a lot of shopping of course. :-D
Love this pic sunset pic. <3

 Made breakfast today for me and my friend. They eat a lot of fruit and oatmeal here, so we tried it today and it was yummie. In my lovely kitchen. <3


 Perfect shoes for the beach., right. :-D
 On my way to work early in the morning in Cardiff. Starbucks. <3

When feeling stressed, I love to come here. Just sit and breathe and relax... <3
 On my lunch breaks I love to go and explore. This was in Tenby again.

 Coffee time. <3

 Happy. don't forget to add me on Snapchat and Instagram; simpleclassyfab.

 All pink everything. <3

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