ponedeljek, 20. februar 2017


H&M T-shirt // H&M pink fur jacket // Mango leather pants // Zara bag // Allstar Converse sneakers // H&M sunglasses // TopShop rings

Here it is another outfit post from Slovenia. And yes, I have just started looking for a photographer here in Wales, and I already talked with someone, so lets see if we can make it work. :-) I did take some time off from blogging, just because moving to another country was a little stressful and I needed some time to figure everything out... But now I'm finally living here, like really living and I realized I do miss blogging so much. And all these streets here and beautiful places. The photos could be really nice and different. <3
But back to these ones from Ljubljana. Really feeling this soft pink color, everything just looks better in pink, right. :-D I was thinking of having one wall in my new room painted in soft pink, because now it kind of just looks really plain. I actually did take some photos of my new house, as promised, and I'm gonna show them to you tomorrow. I have gotten used to living in this huge villa, it was really weird in the beginning, because I always lived in small flats... So living in a three bedroom house was a challenge. :-D But now I finally made it more home-y and cozy and I absolutely love it.
Anyways... enjoy the pics and have a happy Monday everyone! :-)
Photos @enyabrelihphotography.
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