sobota, 15. april 2017


Hello everyone! 
I know I have been really really bad at posting, writing something on my blog ever since I moved to UK. Just moving to another country and everything, really got to me and I started to think, what is it that I really want and what actually needs my attention the most. Of course I was really happy with blogging, but finishing my thesis and focusing on my new job had to be the first thing. I couldn't really put 100% on my blog and if I can't do something 100% then I might as well not do it. 
I also didn't find the right photographer here in Wales and that to me is one of the most important things to keep your blog on a level. And of course working all days and having no time was also the main thing that kept me from posting. 
But now I have settled in a little bit and I still get so many emails about nice collaborations, that I don't want to turn down and that's way I wanna give my blog a new chance. Also I think I will be moving soon and be closer to London, which means a lot more free time and a lot more people to work with. :-) Stay tuned I will try to post more news when the time is right.
I still can't believe how crazy 2017 has been tho. Sooo many things have happened and I still think this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The job here is super fun, but it has been really a struggle finding time for myself, since I have been working a lot of hours and a lot of long days. I didn't even put on make-up for weeks and my hair was a mess and I was very far away from my blogger persona. I also met someone, a guy, and I actually thought, OK this is it for me, I found my love, the one who I will marry... But sometime things don't turn the way you think at the begging.
Finding love is becoming a struggle for me actually, I just think it's still not the time for me to be happy. And being brokenhearted sucks, especially when you're far way from your friends and family, but I really pushed it and I didn't have another choice but to be strong as hell. Just being strong and positive keeps me going... 
God, I sound like I'm writing my diary. :-D
But my blog it's like my dairy... And that's why I miss it... 
Anyways.... I will be posting more, I think Enya still has some of my looks which we shoot before I left and I have to remind here to send it to me. :-) I will be also coming to Slovenia at the beginning of May and then I will have the week off to go to Tenerife with my amazing girlfriends. <3 A lot of things to look forward too.
Hope everyone is OK and don't forget to be strong, positive and of course happy Easter people! 
Much love and a lot of hugs from UK.
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