četrtek, 13. julij 2017


Hello again from me. I was just looking when was my last post here and it was in April!!! Gosh I'm getting really bad at this blogging thing :-/ I always think about my blog and people are always asking me, why did I stop after my move, and the fact that the people still ask about it makes me smile. :-) I just think life kind of got in the way... 
After my move, I was working like crazy, writing my diploma, meeting so many people and I really didn't put a lot of focus on social media. I was actually feeling happier; the less I was on social media the happier I was. Everyone ever got that feeling? Social media just makes you so materialistic and I really wanted to focus on other more important things. 
Now that I'm here in UK (I am living in LONDON now BTW and I couldn't be happier!!) 
I wanna try and relive my blogging again here in London. I have already been in contact with two photographers and some blogger girls and I want to have my blog back again.
It was like a diary, inspiration, hobby... For me, at the beginning it was just about that. 
So I wanna keep it more like that and try not to focus on always buying new stuff when I take photos. :-D Yes, I was that crazy. Enya was always telling me that I have enough and don't need any new stuff.... I guess she was right. :-D
Anyway I meant to post some pics from my vacation in Tenerife, so you can check them here. :-) Had the best time with my girls, can't wait until we take another vacation. 
I'm in Slovenia now and then in August I'm off to Madrid!!! So excited to visit Spain and met a dear friend there.
I will make sure to publish more from my vacation and hopefully I will film some new looks soon. 
Hugssssss from Slovenia. <3

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