sobota, 23. september 2017


Zara dress // Asos hat // LaraAndKate backpack // H&M jacket // Vans shoes

Hey babes. I have been meaning to post this look two days ago, but it just didn't go as planned. :-D But here you have it. I'm really into this hat trend that I have been seeing a lot of girls wearing and I love it too. I just think it goes well with literally everything!!!
I also got this cute backpack from @LaraAndKate two young Slovenian designers who are making a lot of cute handmade stuff. To get this backpack and see a lot more stuff check out their Facebook profile here. 
I am currently exploring Oxford, I came here for work and I will be staying for a week. 
I already love this city too much it's really cool, gives me a lot of Harry Potter vibes. :-D
I posted some pics on my Insta story, be sure to follow me there (@simpleclassyfab) and maybe I will post some here too, since I brought my camera with me. I should focus my blog way more on travel, since I have the opportunity to travel a lot and see so many new cities, especially in the UK. Maybe, I don't know, what do you guys think? :-) My next adventure is next week and I will be going to Wales again to visit my friend there and maybe see Tenby, Swansea and Cardiff. It's just for four days, so we will see. :-)
Hope you are all having a nice Saturday evening. Kisses from Oxford. xx

Photos @enyabrelih

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